A) Solid Wood Floors:


Real exotic timber species from across the globe specially from Indian subcontinent finished to the finest perfection Lacquer coated and UV cured With 7 layers of coating. Tongue and groove joints with bevel

Edges and smooth matte finished Anti scratch top layer. Under lay grooves for floating floors. Our Floors will give your Home/ Office years of pleasurable ambience with minimal cleaning and care. Also offered skirtings with matching floor finishes.

Species Offered at present:


We offer random lengths of parquet real wood floors from 450 mm to 1200 mm lengths x 75, 100 & 125 mm widths x 10,12 & 15 mm thickness.

We also offer higher thicknesses of 18 & 25 mm against specific orders.

Affordable, smooth finish, high class exotic boards with top layers of veneers, middle core of HDFBoards for excellent coupling, and bottom layer termite proof plywood offering extreme stability and long last in variant climates. Water proof, termite proof, dimension proof but the feel of real wood and not paper. All with 7 layers of lacquer coatings and UV curing .
Veneer Finishes Offered at present:

Floors offered in fixed lengths of 1200 mm x 100, 125, 150 mm widths x 12,15 & 18 mm thickness.

We also offer Engineered Boards in more variety with 2 mm thick real wood top layers and 25 mm thickness against your specific requirements.

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