Promoted by a young team of entrepreneurs with DNA of over 200 years in timber business.

The vision: to offer world class floors in India and across the world at prices people can afford to remove the paradox of wooden floorings being owned only by the elite. With modern manufacturing facilities and continuous upgradation to newer equipments. the products are finely tested under the strictest EU, IS, ASI norms with continuous in house quality controls we offer floors you will cherish for years. We are here to establish our brand for the next 100 years.

MODERN MANUFACTURING FACILITIES: Eco Lignum is proud to install world class manufacturing equipments procured from around the world including four side planers, double end tenoners, UV curing, Curtain coaters, Lacquer Coaters, Panel Saws, Rip Saws, and other machinery. Apart from these, we have in-house testing equipments such as tensile strength testers, profile projectors, abrasion testing equipment, moisture meters and others. The wood used is kiln dried and chemically treated (where required) before finishing. The veneers procured are tested for colours and properties needed for high quality top layers. Other raw material procured like HDF boards and plywood are rigidly tested before use for density, moisture content, durability, tensile strength and further processed for termite proofing and dimensional stability.
ECOLOGY: As mentioned before, we are an Ecologically conscious Company who is responsible to this country, this planet, its people and we ourselves belive in utilising the world's best resources responsibly. This is possible through continuous efforts to reduce waste, minimise costs and inculcate parameters which implore our own suppliers of raw material to be eco conscious. We deplore de-forestation and illegally felled timber. We procure wood only from sustainable forest resources. We encourage use of firewood and recycled wood in all our floorings. We believe in promoting real wood floors for a minimal quantity to those who can afford and enjoy exotic wood responsibly. Engineered boards which use 1/20th of real wood in the same expanse of floors are more eco friendly and we promote them for most users.
BUBBLING UNDER: We shall soon be launching laminate flooring in affordable and exotic range keeping in mind the competitive business scenario specially in the south east asian region. We believe in offering people products which will last, which are user friendly, which are affordable and are quality wise world class. With the launch of laminate floors soon, our plant will be the first in India and one of the few across the globe offering all three varities of wooden flooring: real wood parquet, engineered hardwood and laminate.
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